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Featured E-Resource
$25,000 for a Name!. Liberty Magazine (Rye, New York, United States), [Thursday], [May 01, 1924]. Category: Cover

Liberty magazine historical archive, 1924-1950
Liberty represents far more than the original "Weekly for Everybody" and a slice of Americana; it opens a unique and permanent perspective on a nation's daily life, interests and values during a most vital and extraordinary period.

Featured Digital Collection
Columbia Spectator Front Page, Thursday, November 16, 1961

Columbia Spectator Archive
"The Spec”, as it’s known on campus, has been an important presence in the Columbia community since 1877. Explore its many historical gems and its evolution as Columbia’s eyes and ears.    

Featured Online Exhibition
Ovid. Metamorphoses. Bohemia, Columbia RBML Western MS 94

Core Curriculum: Literature Humanities
Supporting Columbia’s Core, the highlights of this exhibition include a papyrus fragment of Homer’s Iliad dating from the 1st century BCE, a copy of Homer’s Works owned by Martin Luther, Shakespeare’s first folio Works, and Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse.